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A Circular Accelerator

Our ambition is to be an accelerator for the circular plastic economy, contributing to the achievement of national and international commitments to emissions reductions and circularity.

Scalable solution

We will build and scale the market for pyrolysis oil, providing valuable input to the petrochemical industry, replacing demand for virgin fossil resources.

With sufficient volumes of suited feedstock, we can scale the recycling capacity from the starting point of 25 TPD and up to 400 TPD. With this capacity, we need less than two plants to accommodate the entire annual volume of plastic waste available for pyrolysis in Norway.

Management and Board

Our management team and board are comprised of experienced and dedicated people with solid knowledge of innovation, technology, industry, and waste-management. With their guidance and support, we will develop an environmentally sound and efficient solution, and induce circularity in resource management.

Investor relations contact

Financial inquiries can be directed to our Chief Financial Officer, Knut Evensen.

Knut Evensen
Knut Evensen
Chief Financial Officer

Frequently asked questions

Induction heating revolutionises chemical recycling. Precise zone heating ensures less heat loss, better output control, energy efficiency, and reduced emissions.

What is chemical recycling?

Chemical recycling is a process where carbon-based materials such as plastics are transformed to oil, gas, and carbon.

What is pyrolysis?

Our technology utilizes pyrolysis – a thermal decomposition method, where materials are broken down with heat in an inert environment.

What is unique with Recuro’s solution?

Recuro utilizes induction heating, which provides better control of the temperature of the recycling process, and in turn, better control of the output.

What is induction?

Induction is a heating method where magnetic currents are used generate heat. It is commonly used in industry, but also in everyday items such as modern stovetops.

The precise zone-heating ensures less heat loss and is more energy efficient than other heating methods such as conventional electricity and gas-based heating.

What are the environmental benefits of Recuro’s solution?

We contribute to reduced emissions from plastic incineration, by instead reintroducing the resources to the value chain. In addition, the main energy source for our recycling process is electricity, which enable us to recycle with low emissions. Down the line, our output can even replace fossil resources, contributing to a longer lifespan for plastic resources, and circular value chains.

What is the output ratio of oil, gas, and carbon from the recycling process?

Output  distribution depends on the feedstock waste.   Optimal waste composition results in approximately 65% oil, 30% gas,  and 2-3% carbon output.

What does Recuro’s value chain look like?

In Recuro we build partnerships upstream to ensure a steady input flow. We receive plastic waste, recycle it, and deliver recycled output. Our output is refined by our downstream customers and utilized by the petrochemical industry in new production cycles and products.

Where does the plastic come from?

We utilize plastics which is otherwise incinerated, such as complex products and multilayer plastics. Our input flow is partly from households and partly from industry.